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The Ocean Beach Ensemble Experiment is a collaborative theatre experiment that encourages the development of provocative, innovative, and unusual theatrical works. Like Ocean Beach itself, our Ensemble embraces a playful and off-kilter celebration of the funky, the bizarre, and the unique, through performance, music, art, and dance. Theatre beside The Point—and that’s the point.


The Board
AJ Knox, Artistic Director
Jenny Gardham, Assistant Artistic Director
Lizzy Bendrick, Marketing Director, Public Relations
Tori Roze, Marketing Director, Public Relations
Xavier Luevano, Technical Director

The Ensemble
Andy Fink
Ferril Gardner
Jonathan MezaTrevor Peringer


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Lemonade Stand is dedicated to sharing new stories with a fresh perspective.. We strive to create unique productions that are accessible to all ages and all types. We guarantee that each experience will always be fresh and exciting.

Rachel Hoey 
Justin Tuazon-Martin 
Shaun Tuazon-Martin
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Opera Theater Unlimited engages new and existing audiences by presenting daring, accessible, and innovative productions. We embody the idea that captivating performance and authenticartistry can unite a community and influence the artistic culture of the Bay Area.
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