All City FAQs

1.) Can I sit in on part or all of the auditions if I am not a registered auditor?
Answer:  No. Under no circumstances.

2.) I don’t understand computers. Can I just bring paper headshots and resumes?
Answer: No. Under no circumstances.

3.) I live in Los Angeles (or anywhere outside San Diego County).  Can I audition at the All-City’s?
Answer: No… unless you also have a San Diego residence.
Our auditors, both Equity and non-union, are only looking for “local hires.”

4.)  My child is 6 (or any age under 12) and an amazing actor.  Can they be considered for a spot?
Answer:  Generally, no.  This is not a kid-centric audition.
That said, if your child has many theatre/film credits then we may consider.
Email us with all their details at

5.) I’m 72 (or any age) and used to have quite a resume back in the day.  I haven’t worked in a while, and I am not a union actor, so I don’t qualify under that section.  Do I have to pre-audition?
Answer: Probably, yes.  Unless your resume gives us goosebumps, we like to ask for a pre-audition.  In that way, we can make sure you have a fully memorized piece, and give you a chance to dazzle us.

6.) I sent a question in to you at three days ago and haven’t heard back. I’m panicking!
Answer: The Actors Alliance of San Diego used to have a full time staff, but in the past year things have changed, and all our positions are staffed by a few volunteers.  These volunteers have full time jobs and families, and graciously donate 3-10 hours per week for the AASD.  Trouble is, we get more than 100+ requests for information, assistance, and advice per week(!), so it’s a lot to go through.  During ACA time, that number doubles.  We do promise to get back to you, but be patient.  If we haven’t responded within a week, please send us a kindly reminder email.  Otherwise, know we are especially dedicated to handling the All-City Audition requests with utmost care.

7.) I would love to volunteer at the All-City Auditions!  How can I sign up?
Answer: Wonderful!!  Email us right away what are your available hours to volunteer on Monday, March 26th at the theatre in Old Town, and we will find a spot for you at our welcome desk, at our hospitality table, as our time-keeper, our “go” person, and our “goodbye” person, or at our farewell desk (talking to actors outside after they have auditioned to calm down after the adrenaline rush of auditioning). Contact us at:

8.) I don’t think I am quite ready to do something as huge as an All-City Audition at this time.  What can I do to prepare to get a slot at the 2019 All-City Auditions?
Answer: Join the AASD.  From now until May, or regular $100 membership fee is only $80 (and $50 for students under 22).  We hold at least one workshop/seminar per month designed to improve your skills.  These seminars are offered for free or no more than $10 (Unless it’s something really huge).  We also sponsor play readings, social gatherings, and the chance to make real connections.  We also have a “New Professionals” project in the works, along with a 1-day festival “One Woman Shows,” where we hope to sponsor 3-6 solo women’s shows in the fall.  Other projects are in the works, and we are always looking for volunteer leaders to take charge, use the AASD as the base for their creativity, and work to make their dreams come true.
If you can’t join the AASD at this time, there are plenty of classes available via your community college continuing education programs (for a very reasonable fee), private tutoring, acting classes offered for all ages around San Diego. We also encourage you to audition for one of our great community theatre projects, and all other theatre venues around the county.

9.) Is there free parking in the Old Town Area?  What about food?  Bathrooms?
Answer: Yes, but plan on up to 20 minutes to find a free spot and walk to the theatre.  At lunchtime, this heavy tourist area gets doubly full with lunch goers, so plan accordingly.  Please note: You MUST sign in for the All-City Auditions at least 20 minutes before your assigned time.  Plan on leaving early for this audition – we need you at the theatre ON TIME!
There are a lot of places to grab a bite in the Old Town area.  We will provide bottles water and little nibbles for everyone who auditions, but for something substantial, make the time to enjoy one the area’s fantastic Mexican-American restaurants!
There are bathroom facilities in the lobby of the Theatre in Old Town/Cygnet Theatre.

10.) Will the auditors give feedback to me after the All-City Auditions?
Answer: No. None. In the booklet that they are given. along with the thumb drive of your complete information) they will take notes on your audition, and have access how to get in touch with you if they think they might want to see you for a specific role in their upcoming season.  You may get a call the next day, 9 months later, or never.  But rest assured, you know they have seen you, and now you are on their casting radar.  We do NOT guarantee that being part of the San Diego All-City Auditions will get you a job – only that you have a couple of minutes to make an impression.
Within three days of the end of the audition, we will post a complete list of every auditor who attended the All-City Auditions along with their addresses, and you can write them a thank you note, or send them a hard copy of your headshot and resume if you wish.  Again, the Auditors will not give feedback of any kind, and realize that they always appreciate an actor who is kind and respectful.

11.) Should I wait and think about signing up and paying my $30 registration fee for the 2018 All-City Auditions?
Answer: If you qualify, sign up immediately to get a slot sometime within the hour window you requested.  The Singing spots are limited and fill up really quickly.  Almost all spots are gone within the 2-4 weeks after we open registration.

12.)  What are the benefits of becoming an AASD member?
Answer: The AASD has gone through some major changes in the last 18 months.  Please refer to our website,, for a current list of membership opportunities and benefits.  We are a 30-year old organization that has had to respond to the changing needs of our members, and the changing times within the local acting community –along with adjusting our non-profit goals for the future.  We’re at the beginning of something different, something exciting, and something we hope all San Diego thespians will be proud to join.  For more information, go to our website:

13.) Are there restrictions on what monologues I can or can’t do, or songs I can or can’t sing?
Answer: In general, no.  Since this is an audition for primarily stage and screen, you will want your audition pieces to reflect well on they type of auditors that are in the audience.  Choose your pieces wisely.  Show off your skills.  You don’t have to do something Shakespeare and something totally modern — we only ask that your monologues be contrasting – to show off your abilities to act in different styles.  Again, think about what impression you want to leave in the auditors mind.
Note: if your monologue has profanity, make sure it is essential to the piece.  Auditors generally don’t enjoy sitting through 120 seconds of anything too crass or vulgar – especially when they might be new to you and/or the piece from which you are taking your monologue.

14.) If I arrive late for my audition, can I still go on?
Answer: Maybe.  We try and make it clear in our pre-audition advice that you must leave at least 20 minutes for parking and walking to the theatre, and that sign-in is at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time.  Arriving late is frowned upon because the auditors have your name and your scheduled time in a booklet they are given at the beginning of the day.  If you arrive late, that puts everyone out of sync, and therefore we ask that you make the time to be there on time.  If you are late, you will only be able to audition if someone doesn’t show up for their allotted time, which means you may or may not get to audition.  We know that crazy things happen, but we try and provide the auditors a seamless flow of auditioners. The system works beautifully, so really, abide by our time suggestions.

15.)  If I am running late on March 26th, can I call the Cygnet Theatre box office to get a message to the AASD?
Answer: No. The Cygnet Theatre box office is closed on Mondays.  There is no way that calling the Cygnet Theatre can get a message to us.  We hope to have a designated phone number set up for any emergencies, which we will give confirmed auditioners a few days before the audition. If a phone line cannot be arranged, you can email us that day at But, in general, as stated above, we really caution you about being late.  Our schedule does not allow for lateness, but if something crazy happens, we will try and get you in before the auditiors, but you may have to wait hours for an open spot to come up.

16.) What does the Cygnet Theatre space look like? How will I know when my audition time is up? Can I peek in before my audition? 
Answer: For your audition, you will enter from the lobby in the east doorway and walk down the long, very steep audience aisle.  At the bottom, there may be a step or two up to the stage, depending on the scenery for the current production.  The stage will have a piano off to the west, and the center will be clear with a chair available if you should need it.  If you are singing, hand your sheet music to the accompanist quickly.
You will announce your name to the auditors, and, at that moment, our volunteer “Timer” will start their timer. There is no microphone.  The theatre has raked audience seating, so you need to project all the way up and to the back row. The auditors will be sitting in front of you and also out to your sides.  You will see one of our volunteer staff sitting in the front center rows, and they will hold up a big yellow card when you have 15 seconds left, and a large red card when you have 5 seconds left.  If you go over your allotted time, you will be stopped.  You will then walk down off the stage, and then up the steep west aisle of the theatre and out the upper door into the lobby.  Note: Those steps are a little intimidating when your nerves are shaking.  Wear sensible shoes, and hold on to the railing.
And… No, you can’t peek in to the theatre before your audition.  As one actor is ascending the west aisle, the next actor is descending the east aisle.  Opening the doors other than at these specific times distracts the auditors.
If you want to see what the stage looks like beforehand, you can attend a performance at the theatre (Cygnet always has amazing shows!!).  There is a stage and seating map of the Theatre in Old Town/Cygnet Theatre you can view at their website.

17.) I have difficulty descending and ascending stairs? Is the stage handicapped accessible? 
Answer: Yes.  Please let us know in advance if you cannot manage the stairs of the Cygnet Theatre.  One of our volunteers will guide you to another entrance and exit site.

18.) I am Equity, but not a member of the AASD.  Do I have to join the AASD to audition at the All-City Auditions?  What about if I am a SAG/AFTRA member?
Answer for AEA or AGMA members: No, but….  Members of Equity (AEA), or AGMA, do NOT have to join the Actors Alliance of San Diego to audition.  That said, if we are running out of slots, those AEA or AGMA members who are also members of the AASD will get preferential treatment.
Answer for SAG/AFTRA: Yes.  Members of SAG/AFTRA must be members of the AASD to audition.
Note: The only unions that have the opt-out policy for the membership requirement are AEA and AGMA.

19.) When will I get my confirmation notice that I made it on the list for the All-City Auditions?  When will I know my audition time?
   Answer: We will let you know via email that we have got your registration, and your credit card receipt will also be proof that your name is in the mix.
Answer: In your registration, you have let us know the hour window that works best for you.  We will get back to you with the exact time of your audition sometime during the first week of March.

20.) Will I get some sort of Information Packet before the All-City Auditions?
Answer: Yes, but it will be via email about 10 days before the ACA’s.

21.)  My question wasn’t answered here? Should I email you right now?
Answer: No…. First go to  We might put up a page on the AASD website if we feel that we left out an important detail or/and to answer any common questions we see a pattern of, and try and answer them for you there.  Remember, our staff is few in number, and all volunteers.  We usually only answer questions at the info@ site one or two nights per week and one day per weekend.  We have done this 29 times before, so most of your questions should have been answered in this column — and if not, on our website.
 If you have a question that honestly hasn’t been asked or answered here or at the AASD website, then Yes, feel free to email us.

22.) Do I sign up for the All-City Auditions via this email?
Answer: No.  Click on the yellow button just above the “Common Questions” area that says, “Ready to Register for the All-City Auditions? Click here!”  (or you can click on the yellow box just below this paragraph!) That action will direct you to the website of the AASD, and specifically to the All-City Audition registration and payment site.  Note: You can always just go to the AASD website, and click on the 2018 All-City Audition Registration page, then proceed from there.

 23.) If I do not qualify for the All-City Auditions but I would like to do a pre-audition to see if I am qualified, what should I do?

Send us your current headshot and resume to  We will look at your resume and either clear you to sign up to audition, or ask you to pre-audition for us.  The pre-audition will be on Monday, February 19th, between 8-9 p.m. in the City Heights area of San Diego.  You will get 2 minutes for a non-singing audition (2 contrasting pieces, please), or 2 minutes and 45 seconds for a singing audition (45 seconds to sing, then 2 contrasting monologue pieces).  There will be NO accompanist for this pre-audition.  You can bring your own prerecorded music if you want.   There will be 2-3 judges, and their decision as to whether you are ready for an All-City Audition is final.